Perfect Health Signature Services

Entry level services start at a 40 minute presentation and run to 2-hour, half-day, full-day, and up to a full retreat experience. Contact us  with your specific requirements as adjustments can be easily made to ensure a perfect fit for your wellness needs.


Work Place Wellness

The Wellness Works ©

The Wellness Works© is a series of talks and workshops written by specifically for the workplace. Designed to increase the well-being of the individual and the organisation by improving performance, resilience and energy levels, leading to a happier, healthier work environment. Topics covered include mindfulness, breath work for focus and clarity, conscious communication, pattern interrupt to help break negative thought process and restful sleep.



Our youth programmes include mindfulness tools for parents and teachers of primary school children with Moments Matter.

For secondary school and colleges we provide talks and workshops to help increase focus, clarity and reduce stress. Contact us  for more details about visiting your school or college.


Moments Matter

Presentation for primary school teachers and parents’ associations based on our Teachers’ Resource book Moments Matter. This includes introducing children to mindfulness, including fun mindfulness activities to help children feel calmer, connect with their peers and communicate their needs.



Retreats, workshops and events to help you reconnect with your well-being and inner calm. Mostly in a group setting these programme are a great opportunity to unplug, recharge and connect with likeminded people in a supportive, light-hearted environment.


Unleash Your Creative Power.

Unplug from distraction under the guidance of Best Selling Novelist, Author, and Chopra Certified Ayurveda Lifestyle & Meditation Coach, Siobhán McKenna. Learn your unique mind/body type and how to quiet the noise, to tap into the creative power within. While this workshop may appeal to aspiring and established writers, it is suitable for all creatives and those wishing to manifest more creativity in their lives.


Primordial Sound Meditation©

Deepak Chopra’s signature meditation course. Click here  for more details


Chopra’s Perfect Health

The Chopra Centre’s Ayurvedic lifestyle programme written by Drs Deepak Chopra and  David Simon to help you on your journey to greater awareness and health. Click here  for more details